Sport And The American Dream Essay

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Emile Somekh WSC 001 In Jeffrey Schranks’ short story, “Sport and the American Dream”, he is trying to show us that the sport America watches and plays, portrays America’s character as a nation. Since America goes from baseball to football we it shows us that we are becoming more violent. his comparisons of sports and war is says best how America changes as a country over the years. Back when baseball was Americas’ pastime to being a totally football country. When we were a baseball country, Americans were happier, not many cared about wars or violence just the enjoyment they got from watching the games with friends or family at the ballpark. It didn’t matter that the sport wasn’t moving at a fast pace or so competitive. Football is the…show more content…
Football is concerned with downs, such as what down is it!? Some football terms were blitzing clipping hitting, blocking, unnecessary roughness, spearing, late hitting, horse collars, and personal fouls. Baseballs terms are the sacrifice bunt or a sacrifice fly. The weather for football could be in snow or sleet it doesn’t matter and in the rain the baseball players go back inside and don’t play.” this is basically just siding with what Schank said in his short story that football is tough aggressive and serious sport whereas baseball is a sport for easy going old timers that live in the past and don’t enjoy people hurting other people. He’s also says one more thing, “the QB is like the field general to be on target with his Ariel assault over the defense hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz even if he has to use the shotgun with short bullet passes and long bombs he marched his group into enemy territory balancing his assault with a ground attack which punches holes in the defensive wall called the defensive line. Baseball the object is to go home and be safe.” (Carlton,, 6/25/08) One strength that Schrank has in the short story, he mentioned, “football should become our national pastime is understandable to those who can see sports as a reflection to American character.” What he is saying here is that, once people see that it is such a dirty and aggressive sport they will then realize why it is our
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