Sport Hunting Should Be Stricter Regulations

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Hunting was originally a resourceful activity and a necessity for survival. It was crucial to use the animal for food, clothes, and tools. With the exception of cultures who still depend on this method, there are many developed areas where this is not longer required. From the lack of needing to hunt animals for resources, sport hunting has emerged. This is the recreational act of killing animals to use as trophies. The problem with sport hunting is that it is an unnecessary and unreasonable activity that presents several dangers. In order to understand why, one must examine the effects it has on animals, humans, and the ecosystem. It is clear that sport hunting should have stricter regulations. One reason why sport hunting should have stricter regulations is because it is cruel to animals. It is uncommon for a hunter to get a quick kill, leaving several animals injured. This leads to prolonged pain and suffering that they have to endure until they die on their own or are shot again. For example, a study involving 80 radio-collared deer found that half of those who were shot, were not recovered (“Sport Hunting”). This shows a lack of sportsmanship and responsibility of the hunters, who have no concern for animal rights. If the deer are not recovered, then these hunters are simply killing for fun. Furthermore, another study found that 11% of deer who are hunted are shot more than twice and suffer nearly a half hour until they die (“Sport Hunting”). This is clearly inhumane

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