Sport Marketing Is A Way For Companies To Sell Goods And

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Sport marketing is a way for companies to sell goods and services at sporting events such as football, hockey and Nascar. With millions of viewers at these sporting events, it makes for a great place to advertise for a company because they are sure to get some business from people who are intrigued by some form of advertisement. These companies take a risk every time they spend money on advertisement, it is a large investment so they could win it all and attract customers or they could lose it all due to poor advertisement. Nietzsche talks about “pushing oneself and others to go beyond the normal range in effort into a realm that may result in great joy or great sorrow.” (Malloy,Lang 2016) This is a great way for a company to think when…show more content…
He then goes on to explain how in our lives we need to experience some type of suffering, so that one can overcome the situation and learn from the experience. Taking a risk can also benefit a person or company, because as Nietzsche explains you could do the same ordinary thing over and over and play it safe or you can take the risk and experience the failure but then once you experience success it is the best feeling. If we do the same thing over and over again it becomes dull and unentertaining, so by taking the risk its keeps you on the edge of your seat with a chance for either failure or success. Both Bud and Nietzsche head towards their balls, Nietzsche swings first for the second hit and hooked his ball to the left of the green, whereas Bud managed to hit his ball out of the gorse to the back of the green, leaving both golfers with difficult shots to the pin. Bud became disappointed to three putt, leaving him with a bogey, the same as Nietzsche. Upset, Bud remembered Aristotle’s belief in the golden mean: we shouldn’t lose control of our passion, but neither should we become automatons. There must be a middle path to follow that allows us

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