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Introduction Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. presents a successful ski apparel company that is addressing logistics-related decisions that face many businesses today. Sport Obermeyer, founded in 1947 by Klaus Obermeyer, has continued to lead the ski apparel industry since that time through continuous product innovation and fashion-forward styles. Recently, the company has faced increased competition from other winter apparel makers, namely Columbia Sportswear. Exhibit 1 presents a SWOT analysis of Sport Obermeyer, and identifies core competencies and limitations of the firm. The company’s Buying Committee bases quantity-ordering decisions on average sales forecasts generated by a number of internal parties. Techniques like this, as well as using a…show more content…
Next, Obermeyer should implement design-for-supply principles, namely commonality and standardization. By using greige material, the company already does a solid job at postponement, delaying the step in the supply chain at which product differentiation occurs. Regardless, Obermeyer continues to use too many varieties of YKK zippers, buttons, logo patches, and imported snaps from Germany. Limiting the variety of these items by using the same zippers and snaps on multiple products, for example, would create less of a logistical hassle in terms of obtaining those items. It would also cut down costs due to resulting economies of scale, and make the supply chain more adaptive overall. In the long-term, business strategy meets strategic supply chain planning as more consumers buy and become familiar with the Sport Obermeyer brand, and the company itself achieves enhanced profitability. Recommendation 2: Manufacture Fewer Sample Products Second, the company should manufacture fewer sample products. Currently, Sport Obermeyer incurs great expense in producing samples of each of its products once their design and prototyping has been finalized. Historically, these samples have been taken to trade conferences and retail stores where Sport Obermeyer salespeople display them to prospective wholesale buyers with the goal of obtaining an order for goods. The issue here is that the company spends too much time and money getting sets of samples put together. Alternatively, the

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