Sport Psychology

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tExercise is an accessible method of fulfilling a person 's physical goals which they have for their own body. Humans are capable of engaging in a variety of exercises including running, playing a game of volleyball, or even surfing. In spite of the many physical accomplishments which humans can gain from physical exercise, people are also capable of encountering many psychological benefits from doing so. Studies have shown that exercising release certain chemicals in our brain that results in a good feeling. For instance, a late
The beauty behind physical exercise is not only due to physical benefits which humans receive due to it, but also from the positive psychological energy given to humans that helps motivate us to continue
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Another technique which individuals can use is autogenic training which centers a human to produce warmth and heaviness, that can eventually leads to a state of relaxation.
Another technique that can be applied to one 's life in order to help one to regulate arousal during performance is called multimodal anxiety reduction packages. A well known form of this anxiety reducing technique is called stress management training. SMT consists of applying relaxation and cognitive components to one 's form of coping responses to emotional arousal that may arise within. Another example of a multidomal anxiety reduction that may fortify one 's way of coping with stress is through stress inoculation training. This particular training involves exposing a human to stressful components, including mental images, and self-statements, that fortifies a human 's resistance to stress.

Therefore, as mentioned before, arousal regulation is a particular coping mechanism which athletes can greatly benefit them in order to excel in their physical and mental performance when playing a sport. Studies have shown that these anxiety reducing techniques greatly benefit individuals while working under pressure. Somatic anxiety reduction consists of becoming aware of one 's physical symptoms that
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