Sport and Football Essay

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Leeander Ragland
Prof. Milne
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29 February 2012
Respect Athletic

Sports have come a long way since basketball was played with milk crates and flat balls in the alleys of the poor and rich alike. One may ask, why should I be concerned with the senseless sweating and hours of practice of those who enjoy sports? The answer is one that will open your eyes to the fulfillment sports can bring whether recreational or competitive. Sport activities offer a variety of lifelong qualities and provide those who participate a sense of happiness like no other. Jennie Yabroff the author of “In Defense of Cheering”sheds light to her audience on why Cheering should be taken as seriously as any other sport. In contrast Felisa Rogers the
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Who could deny the greatness of the game? Ms. Rogers guides her readers through her realization of what the sport of football could provide to those who embrace it. Both “How I Learned to Love Football” and “In Defense of Cheering” contain the rhetorical appeal ethos or credibility. They both have to prove to an audience as to why you should adopt their perspectives on their respective sports. This wouldn’t be possible without them conveying to us why we should believe their accusations by proving their qualified to do so. The way Rogers convinces her audience is through her telling a story. Personal accounts or stories automatically improve an author’s ethos or credibility by guiding us step by step through their actual lives. This is what Rogers does in her transformation of disliking football to admiring it. Yabroff’s essay contains something similar because she herself was a cheerleader as a teen. She doesn’t tell the story from a first person point of view, but her ethos is just as credible as Rogers because of her research done on the topic of cheering. In the beginning of both essays the authors introduce their topics bluntly. “Rich likes to tell me about football” (529) says Rogers in her opening sentence. Rich is her husband who is an avid supporter of the Green Bay Packers an NFL football team and its quarterback Brett Favre. When you read that

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