Sport 's Impact On Moral And Ethical Values Of The Modern World

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Sport as important social phenomena touches every layer of the modern world society, providing significant influence on all spheres of human vital activities. It influences almost every aspect of our lives: business life, interethnic global relations, social conditions, it also forms moods, behaviors spreading throughout the society, has an impact on moral and ethical values of populations, radically changes the way of life. Proving this thesis I want to include the words of famous Russian sportsman Alexander Volkov: “…sport today is the main social factor that can reflect the invasion of bad habits and cheap cultural efficiency. Sport is the best ‘rattle’ which can divert people from social problems. It’s some kind of ‘glue’ that has enough power to unite the whole nation together, but it’s impossible for neither religion, nor politics.” And politicians consider sport as high potential phenomena that can rally society with one unified national idea. However, there are not so many countries and governments that understand the genuine value of sport’s integration into the heart of the society. But to talk more specifically and in more positive way, I will take the United States as one of the most successful countries in this entire sport understanding and its affection of life. Already in the early 1960s after the publication of Robert H Boyle’s book “ Sport – mirror of the American life” in 1963 sport became a national passion and without any doubts a part of the
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