Sports Activity And Facility Overview

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Sport activity and facility overview Facility Overview Our facility is an indoor BMX Park that has a drop-in program. Provided at our facility are ramps, grind rails, plywood jumps, a foam pit, a change room, snack bar and a repair station. Program Overview At our indoor BMX park, the only program we have is a drop-in program, this program runs from when we open at 12 pm to when we close at 10 pm. The main demographic of our participants is between the ages of 13-21, all other ages are still welcome. Staff/Volunteers & Program name • The capacity of facility is 72 participants • We have a total staff 6 that work as supervisors of the facility and in the snack bar. • This gives us a 1:12 staff to participant ratio • On busier days we…show more content…
• Using a questionnaire involving staff asking what they may deem to be unreasonably hazardous before the official opening of the park. • Have a hazard identification staff meeting yearly in order to be aware of potential hazards while participants are riding. Potential Hazards Inherent Risks • Hit by another biker • Slipping and/or falling off of bike, skates, or skateboard • Landing poorly after performing attempting a stunt • Performing a stunt that is unstudied for the park Facility Risks • The wood on ramps is damaged or chipped • Slipping in change room/washroom • Tripping hazards • Falling from heights like the ramps Equipment Risks • Damaged BMX bikes (flat tire, rims bent, chain is stuck) • Helmets and/or other safety equipment aren’t in working order Medical Risks • Participants may have asthma, allergies, and other medical risk that can affect performance like diabetes • Injuries, broken bones • Undiagnosed conditions and/or unexpected medial like cardiac arrest and Osteogenesis imperfect (Brittle bone disease) People Hazards • Fooling around • People fighting • Ignoring or disobeying rules Biological Hazards • Bacteria that could be exposed to food in the snack bar • Bacteria/mold in washrooms and change rooms • Blood and/or other bodily fluids from participants in both the riding areas and washrooms Evacuation Risks • Fire • Chemical/gas leak • Power outage Pre-harm hazard control methods To deal with hazards that come with
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