Sports : An Essential Component Of Education

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Sports in the twentieth first century has become an essential component of education. Recreational athletic activities have a great role in perfecting the human spirit. Through healthy competition sports influence the cultivation of will, perseverance, responsibility and the ability to overcome and eliminate many different challenges. Moreover sport is a great tool which gathers people together towards a common objective, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or beliefs – both on the field and in the stands. Today the era of technology and media has changed professional sport into a business. For a player or coach - training is a profession. For the audience it is a consumer market. Therefore the athlete’s road is full of temptations, which deals with many ethical dilemmas. More often we hear about competitors forgetting about the rule “fair play” while getting into scandals regarding doping, selling matches, or inappropriate behavior. The pedagogical aspect of recreational sport is undeniable, however in the presence of professional sports with elements of fighting and rivalry it would be simply difficult to say that sport is a physical activity, aimed at education for the recognition of moral values. Ethics is a scientific discipline, which deals with recognition of morality. The ultimate attempt of ethics is to distinguish between what is good and bad, just and unjust, right and wrong. Although ethics and morality are two different concepts, today many people…
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