Sports And Education : Paving The Way For A New American Life

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Sports & Education: Paving the Way for a New American Life in North Carolina With the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, the “New South” as the native folks of North Carolina began referring their state by, sought a new way of American lifestyle through the rapid growth and popularity of organized sports. A nation controlled by ideals of the racist white male suppressed the ability of women, the poor, and African Americans to create a prosperous life for themselves. Pamela Grundy is able to beautifully illustrate the lifestyle of North Carolina citizens in the late nineteenth & early twentieth century, and the direct impact that organized sports had on its community, through her novel “Learning to Win: Sports, Education, & Social Change in Twentieth-Century North Carolina”. Sports were seen as an opportunity for the well-off white males of North Carolina to demonstrate their dominance in society as well as to integrate the values of white dominance to the American lifestyle. However, the emergence of sport 's popularity in the state left an open opportunity for African Americans, and women to compete and display their athletic capabilities. North Carolina culture in the new industrialization era was widely shaped and focused primarily on sports and the values it brought to new American life. This new wave of organized sports began paving the way for the underprivileged black, male and female, as well as all women to gain the opportunity to create a flourishing life in
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