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The Game of Basketball Since the beginning of time, sports and game has played a big role in human interaction. Humans and even animals have always had the desire to compete against one another to prove show dominance. Through ought history, the world has witnessed simple leisure activities evolve into world renowned competition for years to come. From Ancient Roman Gladiators to the Olympic Games, from hunting to modern day technology competition, the history of sports is very diverse. People from all over the world have have been competing as a hobby, but also as entertainment for others. The game of basketball is one of todays fastest growing international sports, and is loved by all ages, male or female. Today, some 400 million…show more content…
The baskets were nailed 13 feet from the ground with the and used as a target. On the court there were to five players on each team each assigned different roles. The boys were split up, the objective was clear, and before their eyes the first game was played. As the whistle sounded, brawls instantly broke out over the ball and there was a free for all on the gym floor (Laughead). Instead of further chaos, Naismith conducted a set of rules for the game. Some of the rules insisted that a player may not run with the ball, nor kick it with your feet. A goal was made when the ball was thrown inside the basket above. If the defending team interferes with the shot, the point will automatically count. If the ball is thrown out of bounds. If the ball goes out of bounds, then the throw-in is allowed 5 seconds (Laughead). If the time exceeds then the ball is given to the opponent.
Over the year’s basketball the game of basketball has been modified adding rules to prevent unnecessary roughness, and adding more tactical strategy to gameplay. Dribbling was later enforced which meant while moving, the player must continuously bounce the ball on the ground while running. If the ball is picked up, the player must pass the ball to a teammate. Taking an additional step after the ball has been picked up results in a foul. Rules became strict on contact due to high injury rate which restricted
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