Sports And Games Analysis

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The childhood years have been highlighted at a crucial time when ongoing participation in physical activity can be nurtured and maintained. When the writer says that by giving younger children an adult standard of sports and games put them at a risk for both physical and mental danger I totally agree with her. Adult sports not only require greater strength but more mental exertion as well. It is almost like putting your own child willingly in danger by destroying his early childhood years. Thus the parents and the mentors need to understand what exactly their child needs. I strongly oppose parents who put too much pressure their children to fulfill their dreams. There is no harm in dreaming of what they want their child to be one day but making them a sacrificial lamb is an emotional scaring to that child.
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Scolding or being rude to those players who fail to perform well is no way to make them a better player. This leads to demotivation and when children start getting negative comments at such an early age it puts a negative impact on their growing minds. they feel insecure and sometimes it stays with them for the rest of their lives. This attitude of coaches can make any child leave that game and he may even lose interest in something he was always passionate about. I agree with stasky when she says that people today have made sports and games look like a business or job where you have to be focused on the finishing line only without realizing what you are gaining or losing along the way. Children lose their sense of enjoyment when all they can think about is the trophy. They will forget the sense of enthusiasm which the game hold or the enjoyment they will get to have by actually playing that game. This is something the coach needs to explain to the team that games are not always about winning or losing. There is more to games than just a
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