Sports And High School Are Beneficial

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Sports in High School are Beneficial Students are people who study at school or college. At school students, lives are divided into two sections such as academic and athletic. During high school, sports become a good portion of students’ lives. Some parents send their children to study at school and considers sports a distraction to studies. A true sport requires energy, time, and determination..There are a few disadvantages to playing sports in High School but there are even more benefits to playing sports in High School. Playing sports in high school helps improve academic performance, has physical and psychological benefits for women, and helps build social skills. Yes, sports can be very expensive to high schools. A principal named Singleton from the article “The Case Against High-School Sports” says, “By suspending sports, Singleton [he] realized, he could save $150,000 in one year. A third of this amount was being paid to teachers as coaching stipends, on top of the smaller costs: $27,000 for athletic supplies, $15,000 for insurance, $13,000 for referees, $12,000 for bus drivers” (Ripley 5). The principal Singleton says he saved $150,000 per year and most portion of it goes to coaches that teach sports and rest go to sports’ supplies and insurance. High School sports are high in cost but every athlete pays for it. My younger brother pays $300 individually to play volleyball as a Junior varsity in Chelmsford High School. High Schools should not have a problem if

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