Sports And Its Effect On The Audience

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Art is portrayed and witnessed from the moment we wake up, to the moment we sleep. Most people define art as an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a painting or sculpture. However, most argue that art isn 't just limited to a painting or sculpture, but can also be shown in sports. Not only are both artist and athletes, passionate about their work, but their work is similar also. Basketball is similar to jazz music through chemistry, Boxing and Calligraphy are similar through the form and techniques, Football and ballet dance relatez through techniques and style, while soccer and painting has a effect on the audience. Sports is an art because of the many similarities that they share. Jazz music and Basketball are related through chemistry. A Jazz band can 't expect to walk out on stage and perform perfectly, just like how a basketball team can’t just walk on the court and expect to win the game. However, the best bands and basketball teams are the best because of the chemistry they have formed. Despite being on a team or in a group, there will always be one player or one musician that is talented than others. These stars make the team or group better as they pick up one another. A superstar basketball player helps build up his teammates and improve them so they can be better players. This goes for the same for jazz musicians because they improve their members by keeping them in tone, which generally makes the whole piece
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