Sports And Its Effects On Women

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Playing Sports provides entertainment for families, teaches leadership, discipline, and sportsmanship. Sports bring people together, establishes bonds, and also help with communication and physical skills. Almost every kind of physical sport is healthy because it involves running, jumping, stretching and coordination skills. In addition the effort, commitment, and participation provides important lessons for life. One problem with sports is equality. Women in athletics do not receive the same exposure in television as their male counterparts. This lack of exposure can inhibit the amount of opportunities women can receive from this exposure of television and print. The intent of this study is to understand the reasons why the major television networks are unwilling to televise female athletics to the same extent as they do the male athletes. The reason why is because sports are not for women, women sports are not interesting and women are only looked at, for physical appearance. Society perceives women as a negative cognate to sports using stereotypes to enforce the ideal sport body images, the ideal of a men’s sport, and to engage in gender segregation. In 1972, Congress passed Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments Act, a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender at educational institutions that are recipients of federal funds. Title IX open the doors for many women. It also applies to elementary, middle and high schools. Everyone should have a

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