Sports And Its Impact On Society

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They don’t know who is looking up to them. They don’t see the same fans every day. But here they are, inspiring and leading thousands of people. Athletes have so much control over communities and fans across the world and not just the athletes but sports in general. These people and events shape countless of futures all by just being who they are and represent. Sports will affect not only the way one sees themselves, but also how to recognize the heroes who have surfaced due to sports, who then in turn influence people by their values and lessons they have learned. It all starts somewhere. A little girl can take her first step and then the years tick by and she’s running her heart out in cross country meet. With discipline she pushed…show more content…
Sports teach discipline, heart, and unity. All around the world people get emotional over one game. They get together and celebrate. It is in games that people become inspired and want to shape their lives more like the players playing the sport. As teams win or lose, they think and talk it through and decide what needs to be done differently to find themselves back on their way towards success. Mia Hamm, a retired professional soccer player once said, “Take your victories, whatever they may be, cherish them, use them, but don’t settle for them”. Hamm knew what she wanted from life and even though she might have said these few words for her benefit at first, she has inspired thousands of little girls dreaming of playing soccer like her to not settle. Both Reilly and Hamm have influenced people because they knew what was right and stuck with it, although it could have been easy to give up. Do not stop when the goal is within reach. If someone wants something bad enough they will fight every single day, with every single breathe they take to make their dreams become reality. Some may know of Inky Johnson who left the state Georgia on a scholarship to go play football for the University of Tennessee after high school. He had a long road ahead of him before he was accepted. He lived
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