Sports And Its Impact On Sports

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Sports have advanced very fast similarly to technology. They have been impacting not only the athlete’s lives, but the coaches and spectators also. Milan Hosta has gone on to explain many different topics within the article “Ethics and Sport: Whose Ethics, Which Ethos- A Prolegomenon”. Milan Hosta unclearly gives knowledge to his audience on the ethics in sports, in which it makes the article seem very scattered and unorganized. He begins by giving the reader some background on past ethics in sports and gives the audience questions to think about. Then, he went a little deeper into the ethics of sport and how people ideally see themselves within them; also he used sports science throughout the article. The author then continued to search for methods such as the true morality in sport to help the main topic of ethics in sport, while jumping around getting off topic. In the beginning, Milan Hosta started off with a great way to open up the article and give an idea of how the text would read. He gives a broad generalization of the reason for the text, in which he says, “when thinking about sport ethics we come up against the fundamental dimensions of sport and of the human being.” (Hosta 89) He then later goes on to make an obvious point by saying there would be no sport if there weren’t human beings to participate within it. The author then goes onto goes on to say the article will not answer many concrete questions. This will automatically make the reader assume certain
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