Sports And Religion : A Important Modern Day Relationship

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Sports and religion share a very important modern day relationship. Some would say it is a positive one, while others would say otherwise. With sports being such a huge part of our modern day culture it seems only natural that religion would also play a huge role in sports. It has always gone hand in hand in my family. We get up on Sunday, go to church and then come home and watch the Colts, when it’s football season of course. I always correlated my Sundays to consist of religion and sports, so the idea of them being completely interrelated is nothing new to me. It seems I am not alone. We see regular examples of religion and sports almost on a daily basis. Sports and Religions If we take a look back in history we will find a direct relationship between sports and religion. The Ancient Olympics originated with a Greek religious festival to honor Zeus, the father of all the Gods. I would say that this is evidence that we see an intertwining of the two. It may not have begun on the scale we see today, but the very heart of the celebration was devoted to religion. The religious celebration of Zeus gave birth to modern sports. To say that the two were at the very least connected would be a gross understatement. Sports have definitely evolved and grown over the years but we still see small bits or religion thrown into the mix. Think of a football player scoring a touchdown. There is definitely an occurrence quite often in which they get down on one knee and look to the skies.

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