Sports And Sports Essay

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I consider that have a good physical and mental health is very important especially if it is about children. Sports or physical activities help us a lot to be healthy. When children or adults perform a sport or physical activity, their body changes and they feel healthier. This also helps with mood because when someone does physical activity or sports, he or she feels happy. Perform a sport or physical activity has many benefits for health, but what would happen if sports are not good for health and they could put our lives at risk? Could this really happen? Unfortunately, yes. Thousands of questions come in my head to understand how sports can harm adults and children. Everyone knows that sports are good for adults and children health. How can sports harm us? All this is true because sports are so good for health that even doctors recommend them to avoid diseases and overweight. On the other hand, some sports can harm adults and children physically and mentally too. For example, extreme sports and football are considered dangerous for adults, but they are more dangerous for children. Everyone knows that adults can make their own decisions about what is good or bad for them, but children are guided by their parent’s decisions. The question is, do parents consider that extreme sports and football are good for their children? Would they allow their children to do these sports? Football and extreme sports are dangerous for children because they can cause harmful injuries,

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