Sports And Sports For Constructive Alternatives

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This March, the Center for Constructive Alternatives series dealt with the topic of Sport and Character. In today’s age, sport and sporting events have become pinnacles of American entertainment, money, and paparazzi. One is inundated with constant updates regarding football scores, feuds between athletes, and controversy over refereeing. With sport being such a focus in media and society, it often seems that sport and character are incompatible. Too often one sees an athlete get caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs, having an affair, or lying and cheating. Sport appears to be just like any other secular and commercial entertainment: decadent, impaired, and ultimately characterless. This month’s Center for Constructive Alternatives lectures provided reasons for why sport and character go hand in hand. Talks given by Curt Schilling, Major League Baseball All-Star; Michael Novak, a Catholic journalist, historian, and philosopher; and Michael Poliakoff, a Professor of Classics and Rhodes Scholar, explained while sport and character are complementary. These talks gave clarity on why participation in sports is both honorable and life changing. Mr. Novak argued that sport greatly benefitted one’s character and shared his vision of sports to all present. To Mr. Novak, sport is joy. It drives one to achieve which affects all subject areas. In addition, participation in sport can provide meaningful experiences that help develop wisdom. In essence, Sport isn’t

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