Sports And Sports : Sports, Baseball And The Medical / Scientific Aspect Of Sports

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We interviewed Tyler Webb, a UCF undergraduate student majoring in athletic training. He has interned with some of the local Tampa, Fl high schools and is currently working with the UCF athletes. His sport passions include football, baseball and the medical/scientific aspect of sports. This interviewee emphasized how sports is not only about the competition aspect but also about giving people something to connect with. Sports not only create a sense of community but, also provides a financial revenue for the area surrounding any team. He mentioned that there are many different relationships connected to sports; economic, social, cultural, religious and political.
Economic impacts can include raising money for the area, drawing
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"It 's a chance just to give thanks"” (Dallas, 2014). Tim Tebow, one of the most popular college football players of all time was very out-going about his religion. He displayed his faith not only off the field but also on the field, which became known as “Tebowing”- dropping one knee in prayer with his head resting on one hand. Not only did he win a national championship and win the Heisman trophy, he also changed lives. Every game he would boldly display the Bible verse John 3:16 on his eye black. He was not ashamed of his faith and wanted everyone to know that. Some athletes very much promote religion while others do not, but overall I believe that sports promote religion.
REWORD & EXPAND “I do not believe that sports plays a major role in politics, but it may impact the way some politicians view each other, if they are from rival school or fans of rival teams.” Tyler believes sports are not largely affected by politics. It can impact the way people view each other, like rival schools or fans of rival schools.
Being an athletic training major, Tyler has a large amount of knowledge about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), human growth hormones, gender, inequality, race and ethnicity, youth and adolescent behaviors affecting sports. “I believe that if any of these topics is being discussed on
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