Sports And The National Football League

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There are currently four major professional athletic leagues in America: the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL). When fans watch their home teams play, it brings great pleasure and excitement to those who love sports, especially when their home team wins a game. Even if they do not win, fans will stick by their teams. Local businesses go great lengths to show support for their local teams. For example, the Reunion Tower in Dallas changes its light colors to support the local teams on game days. Sports also have a way of connecting fans with places as they cheer for a touchdown, homerun, or goal at public restaurants and bars. Because team owners are aware that pro sports play an important role in American society, they brainstorm for new ways to earn additional income besides selling merchandise and tickets. Now, Sports team owners want to build new state of the art arenas with premium seats, suites, clubs, and bars to obtain more revenue. The only thing is, they are not the only ones paying for it. It has become more and more popular in America for taxpayers to fund renovated or new professional sports arenas located in their cities. However, one question that ponders the mind of taxpayers is, should the public have to fund the construction of a renovated or new sports arena in their town? According to Pacific Standards magazine, “Over the past 20 years,
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