Sports And Wellness Center

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All small time liberal arts schools need something to attract future students to the school. At Elizabethtown College, the biggest attraction is the not built yet sports and wellness center. The sports and wellness center will be placed right next to Wolf Field. I believe that the campus can peak the interest of potential students if we added a brand new stadium located where the existing track and field area is. The new sports and wellness center would complement greatly with Roll Jay stadium. They would be located right next to each other and only separated by a small walking path. Additionally, Roll Jay stadium will tie the entire campus together. I suggest this new stadium because as the college keeps growing the athletic fields…show more content…
Moving the track will further make the sports and wellness Center the focal point of the campus along with athletic facilities. Moving the track to this location will take away a reasonable amount of green space that is utilized for recreational activities. I suggest that the current soccer field be exploited as a new place where kids from the campus can come and partake in leisurely activities. On top of the soccer field being used as a field for intramural sports, the soccer field can now be used as a practice field for all outdoor sports. Wolf field will be used in a similar fashion. I was once a high school student and I visited a large amount of colleges. I went through the tour of the academic buildings and I noticed that the school was beautiful. However, I was an athlete looking for schools with equally as beautiful athletic facilities. Elizabethtown college does not have great athletic facilities at this minute. Furthermore, the sports and wellness center was an immense selling point from the coaches and the school. This Stadium would be the cherry on top of the new and improved athletic facilities. This new stadium will attract more than just potential student-athletes, but regular students will enjoy having the new stadium. They will be able to imagine themselves sitting in the stands and cheering for their classmates. The new stadium will be able to sit large amounts of people for the rivalry
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