Sports Are A Way Of Bonding. People Of All Races Are Brought

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Sports are a way of bonding. People of all races are brought closer together through sports. Groups will gather at games or in front of a TV to enjoy a few hours together. But things are different on the other side of the TV. In every sport athletes are stereotyped and discriminated against which puts people in groups based on the color of their skin. This form of seclusion in sports leads to segregation amongst races. In many aspects of sports African-Americans are viewed as the dominant race. Black athletes are more naturally talented and gifted with higher levels of physical ability, while White athletes are more intelligent with a stronger leadership ability (Ferrucci 312). At least that’s what the stereotypes tell us. Stereotypes…show more content…
Lin went on to being a star basketball player for Harvard, but received little attention from NBA scouts and eventually went undrafted (Gemby). He finally got his shot. Becoming “the first Asian-American of the modern era to play in the National Basketball Association” (Yu 289), and currently the only Asian on an active NBA roster. Discrimination in sports leaves a lot at fault, but none more so than the media. In today’s world, we see information everywhere. Within seconds of something happening we get an alert on our phone. What happens when the information we are reading every day is biased or has racist or stereotypical opinions? A lot of times when I read scouting reports for the NFL draft it shocks me how people think about these players. For example, a pro player comparison for a black offensive lineman is always another black offensive lineman, and every black player tends to be called “athletic”. As subtle as they may seem, they still influence the way we think and talk about these players in sports. Probably one of the most popular players in the NFL, Cam Newton, has taken the sports world by storm the last few years. Though it’s not as much of him being a great player as it is as him being an African-American quarterback. Unlike Jeremy Lin, Newton had countless opportunity and popularity with the media with football. Leading Auburn to a national championship and winning the Heisman trophy while capping
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