Sports Are Good For Children

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As a parent of young children, I am faced with the problem of extracurricular activities and what ones are best for my child. At what age is the best time to put them in? Which sports with help them develop the most? Once they start with if they decide they do not like it do I force them to keep going? As a parent, we are always looking to do the best for our children but, are there times when we are pushing them to hard and not helping them in the way we feel we should be? Organized sports are good for a child when introduced at the right time and in the right amount. Know a day’s parents are so worried about if their child if falling behind another kid that is their kids age because they did not start them playing baseball at four or tumbling at two. That we often forget to see if at all we are doing any good for the child. Are we just letting them be kids and letting them just play? As many studies show kids in the toddler and young child years do more learning and developing through just free play than anything else and we are often as parents taking that away from them when we sign them up for every sport activity that they are old enough to participate in. As I was doing my research I came across lots of wonderful information on this topic. That I felt really showed the importance of organized sports in a child’s life. Just as I was finding information on how it could help I was also finding information that showed that at times as parents we take it over the top
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