Sports Are So Personal, Athletes

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Normal people from all over the world can challenge themselves to become stronger, faster, and push to work harder, sports are a means to get oneself there.. “One of the nice things” about sports “is that each [person] can express [themselves] at [their] own level”(2) and in their own way. Because action sports are so personal, athletes love what they do. At the end of the day extreme athletes, and those that are physically active, feel more accomplished and they desire to get back out there again and again because they love to explore and express themselves in their life-style choices. If people never had a desire to become more, imagine how boring the world would be; nevertheless, because of action-athletically minded people great changes are made daily. “Athletes generally do have “thrill-seeking” personalities, says Frank Farley, a professor of psychology at Philadelphia 's Temple University, who coined the term Type T to describe such people. But many Type Ts are the opposite of reckless, Farley says. “Those who live prepare” for their sports, he says. “They don 't want to die. They want the challenges, the creativity, and the risky experiences. So they prepare.” Type Ts do push the envelope, not just in sports but in science and the arts, Farley says. And while some Type Ts push it in negative ways, such as by taking drugs or committing crimes, many others are society 's creators and innovators. “If we didn 't have these people, we 'd be back in the cave,” Farley
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