Sports Are The Way Of Life

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To many Americans sports have been the way of life. The people think that sports are one of the main reasons why the different cultures and backgrounds have come together. Sports tend to make people put all of their differences aside and make them communicate and possibly became friends with people they would have never thought of. The effects of sports on people lives are good because they teach good values and habits along with bringing people together as one. Sports are at the center of our country and teaches a lot about good values. The U.S. citizens often tend to take sports too far which was stated when President Clinton talks about how the country is insane about sports and that they use sports as a way to how we act. Most Americans would say that the only good thing about the country is the sports. They think sports is the only place for people to get the same chances and where people work the hardest and it brings all the people together (Saunders). Sports were probably the best thing that happened to the people in the United States because Sports had become more of a way of life in American in which everyone tried to involve with complex issues (Starr). Although it took a while for sports to change sports affected some changes in American society in ways including an increase in ethnic interrogation, the rise of feminism, and the growth of new media technologies. In the mid to late 19th century, most sports were played for purposes of social networking and
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