Sports As A Fundamental Aspect Of American Culture Essay

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The phrase “More than just a game” is used so often to describe the passion one has for a particular sport, that when you hear it, it may go in one ear and out the other. From the outside looking in, some may not view sport as beneficial beyond exercise or pure entertainment purposes. To others, it provides significant incentives that last far longer than just the duration of your participation. Sports serves as a fundamental aspect of American culture and their values are significant when it comes to their effect on economics, politics, mass media, and public influence. Athletics attempts to help us understand the values and ethics that apply not only to athletes, but to an entire society. In American society sports holds a social significance and it influences almost every aspect of our lives. Athletics generate billions of dollars each year, thus causing a huge positive economic impact on the U.S. economy. Tons of that money comes from companies purchasing advertisements and endorsements because of the effect sports can have on future sales. “The sports market in North America was worth $60.5 billion in 2014 (Forbes Magazine).” Sports also affects how individuals may act or conduct themselves to represent their stand on general societal issues. Since it is such a huge aspect in society, people may give a certain level of validity to those related to professional sport to. When athletes have off the field issues that arise such as domestic violence, criminal behavior,
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