Sports As A Young Age

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At a young age, my parents put me in sports: teaching me how to skate at age three, playing football my first year eligible and playing t-ball a year early. Sports can teach a child more than just how to throw a football or shoot a puck, sports have the power to teach a child how to become an adult. Children who are involved in sports at a young age are taught many necessary traits in life. Sports can impact their life and teach them competition, respect and responsibility. Three very valuable traits any man or woman will need in their life. Without sports, children miss out on a valuable experience to learn lifelong traits at a young age. My Dad was a high-school phenom at hockey, so of course when he had a son, he wanted his son to play. As soon as I could walk, I was on skates. Hockey became a passion for me, I learned to love putting on the sweater and representing my home town. If my Dad never put me on skates, I would have missed out on one of the best experiences of my life. The parents who played sports competitively are typically the ones, that are rushing their own kids into sports at a young age. They want their kid to have the same experience they had. My dad never missed a game, he was always there after the game telling me, “You played a hell of a game.” or “Whats up? What was going on out there?” No matter what he said, it was always the truth. Ever since a young age I watched the Vikings game every Sunday. My dad’s friends would always come over and grill
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