Sports Autobiography

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Growing up, sports has always been a major part of my life. I began my first sport at the age of five as a competitive dancer. Back in those days, everyone who participated received some type of award, whether it be a first place trophy, a runner’s up medal, or a participation ribbon. By the time I was seven, my wall of participation ribbons began to rise as my confidence level descended. Feeling defeated, I tried a handful of sports afterwards, including two years of bowling, four years of competitive cheerleading, and almost a season of football. Participating in these sports were just ways to keep myself occupied as I did not have much skill in either of these activities. My determination to win at something became more dominant as I grew older and realized that I was not succeeding. I decided that track and field could be my breakthrough sport as it was all individual events, except for relays, and the fast-track-runner gene ran in my family. However, the gene seemed to have skipped me. I began to watch my cousins run and successfully win medal after medal, and title after title, as I racked up more participation ribbons for my wall. Track…show more content…
Despite all five of my uncles and my father being former basketball players and current basketball coaches, basketball did not work out in my favor. I was roughly four feet five inches at the age of twelve and my basketball skills were under par. Everyone else in the room was at least five foot three and could dribble up and down the court with their eyes closed. I walked out and never returned as everyone looked at me in disgust. I started to accept the fact that I would never find a sport for me. Still having lots of interest in the sport, I became a mini manager for a few of my uncles’ teams. When they quit coaching for their teams, I piggy backed onto the boy’s team at my high school and became their main
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