Sports Basement : Work For A High Performance

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Sports Basement:
I use to work for a high-performance establishment when I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The easiest way to describe Sports Basement is to compare it to the “Costco” of sporting goods. Sports Basement motto is “Providing high end apparel at basement prices.” (Sports Basement) Four friends who had previously started their success from the dot-com era in Silicon Valley established the company first in San Francisco then opened up more location throughout the Bay Area. I was the marketing associate for the swim and triathlon department for all the stores. As one of the marketing associates for the company, I was coordinating with each department and store managers. Sports Basement has ten departments, which include running, bike, camp-hike, yoga, swim-triathlon, team sports, snow, men, women and kids. (Sports Basement) I got to witness first hand that I was working for a high-performance organization.

(Self-managed work teams) and (Giving employees more control over decision making):
Each department has a team of employees who are in charge of managing and coordinating their section. Each department has a department head that reports to the manager. The owners and the managers only hire employees who have actual knowledge and experience in the specific departments. This has allowed each department to be self-managing. In the text it states, “An organization’s HR strategies reflect its commitment to and treatment of its employees.” (Coulter, 2013, p.…
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