Sports, Basketball, And Football

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Sports. Some love them, some hate them, but even those who hate cannot deny their overwhelming popularity. America is home to many sports, basketball, and American football among the most popular. Spectators filling in thousands of seats at open stadiums, and hundreds of thousands more watching at home in front of their television. Both basketball and football have distinct, fundamental differences, however, they do not outweigh the similarities the two sports share.
A franchise without their fans is similar to a kingdom without their subjects, and basketball and football share this common thread. Of course, without these adoring fans to watch them, what would they be? Basketball and football are aggressive, energetic sports and with that, aggressive and energetic fans. Fans who will paint their faces, dye their hair and even pay thousands of dollars for ground seats or memorabilia. These fans are very loud as well, as they cheer their teams on with shouts of encouragement or booing the competition. Being a fan of these sports may start as early as childhood, or since birth, and ignite a life-long love for that team or sport. Many children often find playing sports a great outlet or passion, and basketball and football are no exceptions to this. There are youth programs for both sports that a person can enroll their child in. As a child grows older they may be tempted to try out for the middle school teams, and even older the high school varsity or junior varsity
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