Sports Competition for School-Age Children Can Be a Good Thing

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Sports Competition For School-Age Children Can Be a Good Thing

Many parents find themselves standing on the sidelines of a baseball game or a soccer game very early on in their child’s life. Cheering away as they watch their child make their first goal or hit their first home run. This is just a small glimpse for parents into the world of sports and competition where their child is concerned. According to Tami Coyle, from Arundel
Soccer Association, “Participating in sports can be a good thing if handled in a healthy way (Coyle)”. Healthy competition is a great way to teach a number of great life lessons to your children provided the parents get involved. There are many benefits, “as
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There is a lot of controversy about use of medication in children with ADHD. Organized sports offer many another options for parents and kids. The benefits include, “a decrease in risky behavior, better sportsmanship and easier integration into the social setting (Lullo and Van Puymbroeck 20-24)”. Organized sports help kids with learning how to show control and interact positively with their peers. The hope is that this will help overflow into their everyday lives. Millions of children play sports for fun but there are many other benefits for kids. The number of overweight children in the U.S. seems to be increasing, “Twenty percent of U.S. children are overweight (Becerra, Children)”. Overweight children have a better chance of becoming overweight adults. Encouraging children to be involved in sports and staying away from the video games is a great start. Making exercise and sports fun for kids promotes healthy habits that will last a life time. Sports Illustrated Kids did a survey of children titled “Kids Speak Out” in 2009; they found that 51% of children asked would like to participate in sports (34-39). They found that kids would rather participate than watch sports in person, on television or in a video game. I found this encouraging but I wish the percentage was even higher. Martin 4 Many would argue that too much pressure is being put on kids in sports by parents and coaches. They have a strong desire for them to
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