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Sports development 3 Task one There are many methods used in measuring quality in sports development. One method is attendances at sporting activities or local participation levels. These methods have not provided consistency across some methods to do so. As a result of this, and to gain benefits from the scheme, a many number of schemes have been developed to measure quality in sports development. The main idea of this scheme is to Measure characteristics and attributes of a programme so you can cancel out the weaknesses and also see its strengths. After finding out the weaknesses and strengths the performance analysis can put together a set of quality standards that are appropriate to the industry sector. Why measure…show more content…
We need TAES because it shows us what level sports authorities, clubs and organisations are currently playing at, and then it can show how they can improve and then work towards helping them. The aim of TAES is to provide a clear measurement of the present and future of how a CSP is functioning through an assessment that defines its strengths and areas for improvement. (Got that from your presentation) How it is assessed? First a self-assessment of the organisation is made and then is graded poor, fair, good or excellent. Then after this an external assessment is made by TAES, results are then all put together to make a list of possible improvements that could be made and then they will give these suggestions to the organisation, then over the next few years they will work on how to improve them. The Valuation system Poor- this means that basically the local facilities or organisations have a poor result, and no approaches to help them have been planned. Fair- This is where an approach to help the sports club or organisations has begun, they have the basic facilities at their place. Good- This is where approaches have been made to sort out all relevant guidelines points these are all implemented systematically. Excellent- this is where approaches have been made and all have been worked on effectively and the effectiveness of what they have done has been measured. These next words are very important to the TAES framework, to understand TAES you
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