Sports, Equality, And Act On The Locker Room Essay

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Everyone has a gender. It is something we are born into, and has an impact on every aspect of our lives. It affects how we walk, talk, and act on a daily basis. What truly is gender though? Gender is what defines many facets of our culture, and differentiates the roles people take on as men or women. Today, most countries define gender as the genetic and biological traits we are born with. However, what if someone felt they were supposed to be the opposite gender of the one they were born into? That is precisely the feeling that transgenders have from a young age. The feeling of not belonging in their own body and wanting to be someone else. To make things even harder, what if they were also an athlete? Not only would they feel like they don 't belong in their own body, but the sports they want to play or already play would be affected. With that, this paper will look at and discuss eligibility in sports, equality in the locker room, and self worth both on and off the field for transgender athletes. Society has created this normality that it is okay to discriminate against transgenders. Making statements that they do not belong and changing their sexual orientation is not right. In our modern society, however, some people have come to either accept, or at least acknowledge that transgenders are people just like you and me. Now, take all of these issues of discrimination and add in the dynamic of sports. Should transgenders be allowed to play a sport during or after their
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