Sports Ethnography Analysis

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According to the textbook racial and ethnic issues have become more prevalent in sports as global migration and political changes have allowed people from diverse backgrounds to come together to follow their dreams of playing sports (Coakley, 2017, p. 216). An example of this is many major league teams have training facilities across several continents allowing athletes from across the globe to be discovered. Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Gift Ngoepe is the first South African born player to make it to the major leagues. This breakthrough has force society to create perceptions about the South African culture and how it impacts Major League Baseball.

Racial ideology is not only embedded in sports it's part of the identity because of how diverse
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My team Charlotte Hornets continues to draft "white” players and the assumption is always they can shoot unfortunately that's not always the case because the Hornets continue to be mediocre despite those perceived shooters. That's why sports are so great because players that break the mold of a will will a will night and what a typical athlete is supposed to and has success gives everybody hope that they could do the same no matter who they are.

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The textbook and the video suggest many challenges Native Americans face when participating in sports. The two biggest challenges Native Americans face in my mind are poverty and the negative representations of the Native American culture (Coakley, 2017, p. 234).

Native Americans simply don't have the same opportunities and resources other athletes do according to the textbook the poverty rate on the reservation are between 30 and 50% compared to the United States as a whole at just 15% (Coakley, 2017, p. 234). This makes it hard to focus on something of pleasure when you're not sure where their next meal is going to come from it’s a priority thing for
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