Sports For Development Programs Make A Difference

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İsmail Serdar Taşkafa Taşkafa 1 ENG 101/ 116 Gaye Özarslan Sport for Development 15/10/2015 Essay 1: Final Draft Can Sport for Development Programs make a difference in overcoming problems of the developing world? The question that whether sport can help development efforts or not is a highly debated topic. Sport for Development Programs are the organizations that use sport to accomplish specific goals regarding peace and development (Right to Play, n.d.). Some argue that Sport for Development Programs help development efforts. Others argue that sport cannot have a long-lasting effects on development…show more content…
These kids lack good role models and access to education opportunities. As a result, violence is portrayed as noble and real heroes are portrayed as victims, the founder of Luta Pela Paz Luke Dowdney observes (Wolff, 2011). By providing them good role models and giving them access to education, and thereby giving them an exit opportunity from crime and violence, Sport for Development Programs can make a difference. Sport for Development Programs can make a difference as sport can be used to motivate kids for studying. For instance, some local clubs in Australia has made doing homeworks and school attendance compulsory for participating in sport activities. As one soccer coach states that “kids love soccer and hate missing the game”, this approach for motivating kids to study is considered effective (Spaaij, 2013). Therefore, Sport for Development Programs can make a difference by motivating kids to study. Since sport can be used to reach disadvantaged kids, provide them an exit ticket from poverty and violence or to motivate kids that already has opportunities to study, Sport for Development Programs can make a difference by mixing sport with education. Taşkafa
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