Sports Function Of The New Zealand

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Just recently I have met a lot of new people here at Catawba College, and I have met people with different backgrounds, culture, norms, etc. I have already learned a lot from my new friend, Olivia from New Zealand. Whether it was trying a piece of gum back from her hometown or talking about the pronunciation of words and new phrases, I 've learned that we have lived two very different lives due to differences in our cultures. Kiwis (New Zealanders) consider sports to be crucial in their country. Sports function in a very similar way in New Zealand as to the way they do here in America. New Zealand is located in the South Western Pacific Ocean, just south of Australia. New Zealand has been its country since the late 19th century. The country has governed itself since the year of 1853. There are several different sports that America is not very familiar with. For example, in New Zealand, Netball is a very popular women 's sport. Netball, presumably the largest women 's team sport in the country, with approximately 137,000 registered players and 400,000 playing recreationally or at a secondary school. Netball is one of the preliminary forms of basketball emerging in the 19th century. The most similar sport in America that we have to Netball is Basketball.
Although when compared, netball and basketball can appear to be very different in style and play, there are more similarities than one may realize. In netball, you have two nets just like in basketball. You also play on a…

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