Sports, Gambling, And Government : America 's First Social Compact

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In the second article, “Sports, Gambling, and Government: America’s First Social Compact?” Hill and Clark’s subject is the Mesoamerican ballgame as it relates to the development of government. Although, Hill and Clark do provide some primary images and sources, it is not strictly a biographical article. Because the text mainly focuses on the collection of data an evidence of the first forms of Maya government as well as the first ballcourt, the authors are interpreting and characterizing the subject of the text from an archeological standpoint. Archeology, the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture, is used quite often throughout the article to prove the authors thesis. One example of an…show more content…
The article can then be related back to many of the sports games that people participate in today in order to find common, connecting similarities.
Hill and Clark’s main thesis is that through the analyzation of material culture, such as artifacts and cultural landscapes of the Maya people, they will be able to connect and relate the competitive sport of the Mesoamerican ballgame with the first primitive government structures in the America’s. This relationship will provide insight on the association and influence that games had on leadership positions and social ranks during 1600 B.C. Once this relationship is proven the data collected can then be extrapolated to the present time, relating some of the founding principles of recent government to the ballgame.
In the first article Miller supports her argument by discussing a specific image that shows many of the hieroglyphics used within art pieces made by the Maya people. This image displays fragments of how one would depict a ball in a court, a ball on stairs, a ball playing glyph, and hieroglyphic stairs. This piece of evidence serves as a great example when proving Millers argument, that the connection between the architecture of an image and the text is important in understanding the story as a whole. Although the hieroglyphics are small images, when combined in a rigid and chronological fashion they form a story. Once the reader understands what each small picture represents, the story comes together and a

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