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Sports have always been an important part of society, weather it be football (soccer), American football, or baseball. From watching the games on TV, cheering on the players, playing the game, or even betting on a game. We have all contributed to our favorite sport at some point in our lives. However, sports do so much more than entertain us, sports provide jobs, influence the economy, and can sometimes cause trouble. Between the food, the memorabilia, the revenues for live sporting events, and the sponsorships the sports industry makes a ton of money. And between the money and the jobs the sports industry brings, it’s a great contributor to the economy. According to a recent A.T. Kearney study, today’s global sports industry is worth…show more content…
Economies in places such as Africa and Mexico have been influenced greatly from the football (soccer) industry. Fikile Mbalula, South Africa’s Sports Minister said that hosting the 2010 world cup has made a major impact on the country’s economy. The World Cup contributed $5.8 billion to the economy as well as the creation of 400,000 jobs and several cases of infrastructural development. Stating that, “World-class stadia were built, roads, airports, renovation of retail stations, exciting legacies and projects, and promotion of the country’s beauty and culture. Five new stadiums were built, five new stadiums were upgraded, 32 training sites were upgraded, and 25 new hotels were built.” Fikile Mbalula also stated that the world cup attributed to the country’s survival during the recession through investments that took place around the world cup. Mexico hasn’t missed a single World Cup sense 1990, where they were disqualified for fielding ineligible players in a youth competition. However, Mexico has had trouble lately making it into the 2014 World Cup. If Mexico were unable to make it to the 2014 World Cup it could mean millions for Mexico and the United States. There were 1.2 million Mexican jerseys sold worldwide during the 2010 World Cup. Mexican jerseys were Adidas’ best-selling jersey of the entire tournament. In fact, there were as many Mexican jerseys sold in the United States as there were U.S jerseys sold. Mexican sports-marketing specialist Rogelia Roa
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