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BALL GOLF AND DISC GOLF Sports, they have entertained people for a very long time now. Whether it be playing the sport or simply watching it, sports can provide an exciting experience for anyone who is interested in them (or not interested). There are a large variety of sports, some very different from one another and some very similar. For instance, there are two different types of golf that people play and are involved with. There is ball golf, which is usually referred to as “golf” and disc golf, which is usually referred to as “Frisbee golf”. Despite both sports being types of golf they each have distinctive differences that make them two separate sports. No matter what sport it is, equipment is essential in many sports and allows the participants to play the sport. The equipment for ball golf and disc golf vary distinctively in many aspects. The name of both sports gives you an idea of what equipment to use, ball golf uses a ball and clubs to hit the ball. On the other hand, disc golf uses disc that you throw into the “hole”. The target in which you try to get the object into varies, as well. For ball golf the target is a hole made into the ground that you hit the ball into. Whereas in disc golf you throw the disc into a basket that has chains around it, this basket is the “hole” and is required equipment to be able to play disc golf. Since ball golf requires the player to hit a ball on the ground a tee is used to elevate the ball off the ground so it is easier to

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