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Teenagers competing in all kinds of different sports have always had a lot of issues to deal with and even more in recent years with expectations for young athletes getting increasingly high. These issues need to be addressed and I am going to outline why. Young people generally have too much pressure put on them when participating in sporting activities by parents, coaches, and teammates. Teenagers have large expectations to perform at a top level by everyone around them when playing a sport and the pressure put on them can a lot of the time be too much to handle for their developing minds and bodies and will affect many other aspects of their life which can cause plenty of stress for them. For example, many teens participating at top levels of sport fall behind on their school work and will not have the time to do many other things that may be important to them due to the immense amount of pressure put on them from their chosen sport. A specific example being in New York where a young boy, aged 10, was shocked when he was told by the coach of his baseball team that he planned to have them cheat in order to win the game. In my opinion, it is getting increasingly difficult for teenagers to just enjoy the sport they love to play and have a good time with their friends while still working hard and competing at a high level, and instead sports at a high school level are becoming purely focused on winning, which is because of adults around the students being bad role
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