Sports Infrastructure Of India Is Not Up Of The Mark Essay

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1.3 Billion People = 2 Medals Sports infrastructure in India is not up to the mark. Poor nations like Fiji, Jamaica, Kenya and Jamaica are delivering amazing performance. We are a country of 1.3 billion people, we still are getting only 2 medals in the Olympics. In ancient time games such as Playing Cards, Polo, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, the martial arts of Judo and Karate were developed in India and these games were transferred to foreign countries from here, where they were further developed. The famous Hindu epic Mahabharata describes an incident where a game called Chaturanga was played between Pandavas and Kauravas. Mahabharata was written by a saint named Vyas around 800 BC to 1000 BC. In some form or the other, the game continued till it evolved into chess. The question of the hour is, how such a country with a rich sports culture score so poorly now? Lack of proper sports infrastructure : In India, we only know Cricket honestly. Cricket development is above excellent which is great, but the problem is Government never works wholeheartedly towards sports infrastructure development. It is not that they are not working to fix the issue, they are indeed. They spent a heavy sum of 46 crores, but according to data, only 6 crores reached. Corruption: India is diseased with corruption. Sadly, in many sports organizations, politicians are working as the head. Their partisanship and bigotry cannot be explained in words. Our star batsman Virat Kohli
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