Sports Injuries And Its Effects On The Life Of Athletes

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Abstract The main research of this paper is Sports injuries. Sport injuries are very common in the modern world and it has severe effects in the life of athletes. Injuries related to sport can lead to loss of life, body parts or career depending on the severity of the accident. Sport injuries have several negative impacts on the physical, mental, social ability of athletes. To accomplish the paper appropriately some real-life examples have been included in this research, for illustration. For better understanding of the rise of the sports related injuries, a graph has been mentioned that shows the difference between the numbers of sports injuries recently compared to 2004. Finally the research paper has been concluded by proving that…show more content…
Lott cut his finger off so that he could complete his sport season successfully. The super Bowl is an American sports event i.e. enjoyed the most byamerican people. American Super Bowl sometimes becomes very dangerous for players as it involves greater chances of accidents. In the year 1998, Terrell Davis a player from Denver Broncos, got injured and fainted in the field while carrying the Super Bowl in his hand (Walker 72). This incident led to several complications and the player finally recovered completely after a good amount of time. A similar accidental case occurred in the soccer field and famous sportsman Anthony Van Loo fainted in the field because of his pre-existing heart condition. Anthony experienced the devastating moment in his life and he could not continue with his football career further due to the incident. These three incidents of sports illustrates that injuries can be unpleasant in any sports given and athletes have great amount of risks while they continue their game in the field, in order to amuse their viewers (Bird 91). Apart from the examples mentioned above, there are several small and large accidents that have occurred in the past and they have made the life of sportsmen bitter and even their future uncertain, with respect to their ability to work. Important Criteria in Dealing with Injuries Dealing with injuries appropriately is very

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