Sports Injuries In Sports

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Introduction The world of sports is a billion dollar industry. Sports affect almost every single person on the planet. Whether you are just a fan, player yourself, or just a friend of a fan, sports play an impact in our lives for a variety of reasons. Additionally, from things such as ticket and merchandise sales, to television and competition contracts, sports are one of the biggest industries in the world. To go along with that, with sports comes injuries. So, injuries play a huge part in our world. There are dozens and dozens of sports that are played on each continent; and in each sport, there is a risk of injury. One of the most common, severe injuries is the UCL tear in baseball players. From young children, to adult professionals, the injury is everywhere in the sport of baseball. You can play for twenty years, or just twenty weeks and have the injury strike you. It would not be such a big deal, but the number of players that are effected each year is growing. Tommy John surgery is then needed to repair the damaged ligament in the throwing elbow. Once the surgery is complete, the rehabilitation process is very long and takes a lot of time. The player will spend a great deal of time in a brace and a sling to allow for the ligament to not get damaged again while it is strengthening and healing. The process is often frustrating and hard to the athlete to mentally deal with. Having surgery, and doing the recommended rehabilitation, is the smartest and most effective
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