Sports Is A Favorite Pastime Of Humans For Many Years

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Sports have been a favorite pastime of humans for many years, from the ancient days of greece and before, up through modern day. Many sports that we developed and played in ancient times evolved through time and culture to the modern day sports we enjoy watching today. Math and science have been around for just as long as sports have. But from thousands of years ago to even just 30 years ago, no one could see a connection there. But now starting recently we have started to evolve these games ourselves using math and science to change and how we see the game. Using mathematics we have developed new ways to analyze the players of sports specifically and especially in basketball and baseball, using statistical models, means, and averages to…show more content…
Unlike other sports the athletes are always engaged in participation, making these events, extremely important and easy to study do to the natural breaks the game requires. To help determine one 's value, statistics is a powerful tool in baseball more than in many other sports. Therefore, baseball was the first sport in which statistics were really used in such a way that majorly impacted the way the game was played. The mathematicians use averages to calculate value, usually based on actual individual game performance and compare that, to overall baseline averages for all players/leagues to help fully determine someone 's value. Some of the many things that are valued are as follows; batting average. Batting average is found by taking the number of successful hits divided by the number of times at bat. On-base percentage; is a generalized percent found by (Hits + Walks + Hit-By-Pitch) divided by (At Bats + Walks + Hit-By-Pitch + Sac Flies). Slugging percentage is; the sum of On Base Percentage + Slugging Average. Other areas of interest is how often a player strikes out, the strikeout ratio is found by Number of Strikeouts (divided by) Number of At Bats. "Baseball Offensive Stats Formulae." Baseball Offensive Stats Formulae. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2016. Additionally there are single, double, triple, home run, rbi (run batted In) and game winning rbi, averages and percentages. Though all of this is very complex and is used as a basis, the Moneyball incident,
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