Sports Is Not Having Winners And Losers

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A trend today in American sports is not having winners and losers, just participants. This is more common in youth sports, but does happen in other instances. Many people from both sides have voiced their opinions on this matter, and there are benefits and downfalls either way you look at it. But no matter, sports are meant to have winners, if not, what’s the point? Much of the reason for this, is a sad truth, but a truth none the least. America is becoming soft. In the so called “civilized” society we live in people prefer to be more passive nowadays. Although this is not always a bad thing it does have negative side effects. Such as, trying to take away winning and losing. The reason so many people are drawn to sports, not just in the United States, but all across the world, is because of the desire to win. Winning makes gives you a sense of pride, and satisfaction that tying just cannot. If you take winning out of sports you take out the reason to play. Sure sports can fun but, once again, without a winner what’s the point? Ask any athlete, they will tell you the same thing. They want to win. No matter the sport, nobody plays to tie, and definitely not to lose. The reason people can advance is the desire to get better. If there is no winner, nobody thought of as the best, than people stop trying. That is what you set out to be when you do anything, to be the best, without that motivation we as people cannot progress. It may seem small, it’s just sports right? It may…
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