Sports Journalism : Career Goals

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Career in Sports Journalism Sports journalism consists of a few different writing jobs. The tasks at hand faced daily by a writer, qualifications that need to be met, and opportunities with pursuing a career in sports journalism. I am focusing more on the job of a sports writer. A career in sports journalism would be a good career for me because sports are intriguing to me, I view this career as an achievable career, and the job fits my lifestyle. Per Shelly Field, sports writers can work for local newspapers, large publishers, or magazines. The writer is given a certain topic to write about. They are payed to attend sporting events, communicate with athletes, and team management to achieve their topic that has been assigned to them. Sports writers vary in which team or teams they cover for a specific publisher. The requirements vary, but at least a high school diploma or something equivalent are needed. Wages also vary depending on who the writer works for and how credible the writer is. For a writer who just began perusing their career full time, they may make around $22,000 a year. Sports writers or Sports Columnists with their own column or whom have a large following may make around 2 million a year or more. Some writers write independently so they sell their articles to magazines. Sports Columnists are like sports writers; they usually make more money and have more freedom in their articles. They share their opinion in their articles relating to the topic they are

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