Sports Journalism : Sports And Physical Education

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Sports journalism does not only include sport and physical education, but also all the public events. These events can have an economic, political, cultural character and thus have a certain sporting value, to generate interest among the audience of sports media. Often enough it is difficult to differentiate which would be the best to carry a number of phenomena that are directly related to the sport, but at the heart of its existing principles other adjacent spheres of social life. As an eloquent example is enough to remember how determined are the host countries of the Olympic Games – in this process exclusively sporting reasons are inextricably linked with the political, economic and social grounds. The same rule is in the media: on a very significant part of the sports there in the media we can say: this is not about sport, it is about the English or the Scots, about local and regional identity, about the capital and the countryside, about the class, gender, race and ethnicity. Models of media coverage of the sports become a source – perhaps a unique source – information about what our beliefs and opinions, what is our culture in the broadest sense of the word. It is very easy to know what a man is thinking about a woman (and sometimes on the contrary, what a woman things about a man); One of the constant topics faced by journalists talking about sports, and especially a big international sport, is the politics with all trailing behind it a train of problems which
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