Sports Lobster 's Probable Business Plan

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1.0 Executive summary The paper will analyze Sports Lobster’s probable business plan. The aim of the company is to provide sports services and information to the public to ensure that they are updated and also contribute towards football issues. Sports Lobster operates in a highly competitive industry hence the need to carry out a market analysis along with a competitive analysis. The market analysis will reveal the nature of the market, customers, demand and also the trends in the markets well as the expected changes in the future. On the other hand, the competitive advantage will outline the nature of competition, the strengths and weakness of the competitors and the threats that Sports Lobster faces. Also, the various strategies that…show more content…
The version is different from the web-based version of the application as it is mainly used in smartphones and tablets that those beyond the age of 24 continuously use. Also, the advantage of the version is that it only requires the user to download the application from apps store and once it has been installed it can easily be used. In this light, the application can easily be accessed by the target free of charge. Monetization On the other hand, the monetization of the application to the new target market is easy. In this case, the company, which also happens to be the developer of the application, can charge a download price per bytes of downloads of the application downloaded with the app market place. Distribution Also, the distribution of the product to reach the old is also simplified by posting of the application in the apps store so that they can access it (Jeston, 2014). 3.0 Market research Carrying out the market research will help evaluate the most suitable target market for the company. 3.0 market segmentation The most suitable market segmentation strategy for the company to use to determine the target audience is the demographic segmentation. The segmentation provides information on the nature of population behaviors and trends as discussed below 3.1 Demographics Over the years, there has been an increased growth in the usage of smartphones across the world. Gee (2014) asserts that,

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